Our Technicians always seem to be on hand, the web forms are much more efficient way of handling problems"

Katie - Teacher

Our children have enjoyed the after school clubs. Working in partnership with a local school to get the most out of resources has been a really helpful"

Natalie - ICT Coordinator

I've been ICT coordinator in 4 schools, Daniel is by far the best technician I've ever had"

Ian - ICT Co-Ordinator

Our adult ICT classes have been really popular, every parent that has attended has remarked how good they are!"

Julliette - ICC manager

Since my training sessions, I feel so much more confident in using Office software"

Pam - EMAG Teacher

OpenICT has made an amazing difference to our ability to provide high quality provision for students, their experience and professionalism is second to none"

Rick - Headteacher

We are very happy to have OpenICT aboard! Our support technician has proven to be a real boon to our schools staff"

Jan - Headteacher