G Suite

Many schools have heard of G Suite and it's tools, the big names are Drive, G Mail and Calendar. While these tools are important, we want to point out how integration is the glue that binds it all together, the real reason school's are turning to G Suite. Each of the different tools in the core set of G Suite works seamlesly with the rest. Drive holds photos, documents, videos, slides and much more, and through Drive that content can be delivered via Sites, to make beautiful websites full of topic related or business related materials. Classroom (an online learning environment) uses Drive, YouTube, Forms and other sources of information to allow you to build re-usable lessons that can target individual learners and make feedback as instantaneous as possible. 

All of this is grouped together in Google's Admin interface that allows us to manage access to specific staff or groups of pupils and deploy apps to Chrome browsers and Chromebooks. This keeps management of data secure, whilst delivering a seamless experience.

At openICT we put all this together for you, we build your Sites, integrate and train your staff on the use of Google services, with training and examples drawn directly from class use, so that they can immediately see the benefit. However, it doesn't end there, we provide a full lifecycle support, and as your Managed Support partner, we can leverage the power of Google Scripts and the huge App ecosystem to help build new tools and functionality into your school's workflows.  So, it's not just the deployment, nor the integration of G Suite that sets us apart. It is the way we take on board how your school uses IT, the topics you engage in and the way you want to utilise your tech. We want to help you bring lessons to life, and make your technology work for you. At openICT bringing technology alive for our clients in a meaningful and productive way is one of our core responsibilities.


Watching planetary rotation occur right in front of their eyes really helped our Year 5 get to grips with how the solar system actually works. Using VR took the class across the Solar System and really opened up the topic  

Harry KS2 Teacher 

As a solutions company openICT provides you with an end to end solution, from planning through implementation and on going maintenance of G Suite we build our success around yours. However, G Suite is more than just a suite of pruductivity tools. We are able to integrate Google's tool chain for education directly into your curriculum. The suite neither stops, nor starts with G Mail or Drive. The way that Google's tools and Apps, such as Classroom, Google Earth, Expeditions or even Toontastic, can help enliven different curriculum subjects is quite dramatic. At openICT we help you, and your staff create amazing lessons that stick in the memories of children. Read below to find out just some of the ways we've helped our customers use G Suite.