Tale Digital Signage

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Tale: Engaging message boards

Reach out to your community and improve staff communication with simple, versatile digital signage. At OpenICT we have worked hard to get the right combination of hardware and software to allow you to deliver informative content that your visitors need to see. With Tale you can tell your story, wherever you are.



For Community

Keeping parents and visitors informed about news and events can be a tricky business. Displaying the best that your establishement has to offer can be harder still. With Tale Digital Signage you can effortlessly get your message across, in an engaging and dynamic manner.

Whether it be videos of sports day victories or excerpts from the school play, images of pupils work, their website or reminders of important events - a wide range of media can be scheduled to displayed for maximum effectiveness.

A well placed signage solution can be an eye catching tool that works hard to ensure you get the conversation started.


For Staff

Staff notice boards are busy places - ease the load and free up wall space, all while keeping engaging, relevant data highly visible.

The ability to schedule multiple content and delegate multiple users  make Tale the ideal solution to keeping an overwhelming amount of information front and centre.


For Pupils

Tale allows you to celebrate your children's work and enhance your traditional dsiplays with digital signage. Suiting the sort of content that updated curriculums are now demanding, you can truly excite and engage your audience with low cost displays situated anywhere around the school site. Android clients allow smaller displays that can be set up to showcase talent from around the school, throughout the school. All managed from a single website.


Content Creation

Tale can be updated from any computer with an internet connection, meaning you can make changes away from the desk, or update your feeds with the latest news from trips. Alternatively, OpenICT can manage your content creation for you, per agreed schedules. This means you don't need to worry about content displays, layout changes or design. Just upload any media and text to our cloud servers and we'll make sure it gets updated. Need a new layout designed, talk to our team and we'll get things just right.